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Zeus2 By Mathew Harrison Is Yet Another Viral Scam

Review of: zeus2
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Mathew Harrison

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On 31st October 2016
Last modified:31st October 2016


zeus 2 scamOFFICIAL SITE:

Hi my name is Nichola from and today I am taking a look at a brand new software called Zeus2  I have just received this software via a spam email.  Because of this I wanted to warn you all to keep away from it.

Zeus2 Site:

My first thoughts on Zeus2 are that it looks like a lot of other softwares that have been released lately.  The layout of the site is very familiar to me.  Of course it has a sales video that is one of the first things that you see.  Then a bit further down are the dreaded fake shields.  These are only there to get your trust and your hard-earned cash.

Further down the page you have a couple of testimonials.  Each of them claims to have made the exact same amount each day.  I actually find this very strange indeed.   In fact they all say the same thing look at the pictures.

zeus2 scam

zeus2 scamzeus scam review






There are also two boxes that say there are so many people waiting to get signed up.  Again just another scare tactic to get you to sign up. zeus2-review

Let’s move on to the video.

Zeus2 Video:

Oh dear the video starts off very badly indeed.  I am not holding out too much hope that this is going to be a quality software.  One of the first things that you hear is that the person is worth over $380 million.  This is only said to blow your mind.  It will all be lies.

So according to this in less than 181 days the creator of Zeus2 has made 72 random people millionaires.  This is again not true it is for you to rush to sign up.  Please do not  be fooled by this.

The use of stock images of flash cars, falling cash and nice holidays means that I am not watching this any more.

Please do not be fooled by any of the tricks used on this site.  You will not become a millionaire in a few days.  You are not a lucky person because you have been chosen especially.  This is all rubbish to get hold of your money.

Zeus2 Conclusion:

From all of the things that I have seen from  Zeus2.  I am pretty confident that this is in fact a scam software.  Designed purely to take your money whilst making you think that you will become a millionaire.  Take care when signing up to any software that promises you the world.  Remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

If you would like to read a review on a software that is working read this Optionbot 3.0  

If you would like to get in contact with me you can add me on Skype: binary-option-software.  Or email me: Or you can leave a comment in the box below.

Take care and remember keep clear of any software that promises the world.


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