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Turbine Xo Read This Before You Sign Up

Review of: Turbine Xo
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Andrew Fisher

Reviewed by:
On 24th October 2016
Last modified:24th October 2016


Turbine xo scam

Turbine Xo Scam Review

Official Site:

Hi my name is Nichola and today I am taking a look at a new software called Turbine XO.  This software landed in my inbox a few seconds ago.  So I thought that I would check it out to find out if it is a genuine software, or another Binary option Scam.

Turbine Xo Site:turbine-xo-review

Okay there is a lot going on, the first thing that you see is the sales video which I will come too later on.  Then there is a pie chart.  Which is meant to show you how much people have earned using this software.  But the problem with this is that it doesn’t state over which period the profits were gained.  Is it days, weeks, months or years.  To me it looks like they have just drawn random lines, and then added random numbers.  I have added the picture so that you can see what I mean.

Moving down the page there are as always with these softwares the household names that we know and trust.  Please do not be fooled by these they are there just to make you believe that this is a trust worthy site.  It probably isn’t.

Next there is some text that tells us that Turbine XO is 94% accurate, I do not for one minute believe this. There isn’t a software on the market that offers such a high rate.  Again do not be fooled.

Turbine Xo Review

Near the bottom of the page there are the testimonials. I dragged their faces into Google images and they do not appear elsewhere on the internet. I still do not believe the testimonials are real but sadly I cannot prove this.

Turbine Xo Video:

I am pretty sure that the video is going to be pretty bad so let’s take a look. It starts with Andrew Fisher introducing himself as the CEO of Turbine Xo. Andrew if that is even his name says that you will get access to the software.  This software will make the average user between $1500 to $5,500 per day.  Wow this mans acting is shocking.

Andrew sounds like he is about 18  plus the setting just doesnt look like the room of a CEO of a multi million dollar software.  Then the testimonials start. The first one is a paid actor from whose acting is not very good either. This is not looking great for Turbine Xo.turbine xo scam reviewWhen you are watching the video, you can see that Andrew is reading what he has to say.  I also think he may have borrowed his fathers blazer .  He keeps saying that you will make at least $5000 per day.  This is just not true. turbine xo scam or legit It is to sell it too you.

Andrew says that its a manual and auto trader and it uses the same technology used on Wall Street. It is all made up rubbish. I have searched for Andrew Fisher, and yes you’ve guessed it I can not find him.  I have also searched the Whois site as he says its been around for two years.  As you can see from the image on the right, it has only been around for a couple of months at the most.

I am ready to move on to the next software now and I do not recommend this one at all.

Turbine XO Conclusion:

Okay I am going to say that Turbine XO is a scam software.  Looking through there are too many lies for this to be genuine.  The fact that I can not find Andrew Fisher is also a major factor in me thinking that this is all one big lie.  Please do not be fooled by any of what you see on the site it is just there for you too lose your hard-earned cash.

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