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Tesler App Honest Review

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On 22nd December 2016
Last modified:22nd December 2016


tesler scam

Hi my name is Nichola from  Today I am taking a look at a new software to be released called Tesler.  I was contacted by Justin via Skype, he has just lost $125 in just a matter of hours.  He now wants to know if Tesler is a scam software.  So let’s take a look.

Official Site:

Tesler Site:

Okay my first impressions are that it looks very busy.  There are lots of images which make me worry a little. It seems to me that the makers of Tesler are trying to hard to make a site that looks good.  In my opinion they have done the opposite and made a site that looks scammy.

The first thing that I see is this headline: Earn Up to $237 per hour Starting Today Thursday 22nd December
Just by Testing This Software for 5 Minutes.
For me this is not a good start.  It screams out scam right from the word go.  Lets take a look further down the page.  You have the video, then you have some maps. This has been used on a few other softwares that have later been proved to be scam softwares.

tesler scam review

I am usually very wary of these softwares that use your IP address, to make you feel that you are missing out on an opportunity. It really is not looking good for this software.

Just under that there are some testimonials, I have included one that is actually a stolen image. The other images have also been taken from different websites. This again should be taken as a warning sign that this software is not legitimate.tesler scam

At the very bottom of the page there are some headlines about a few things that they have added the word Tesler too.  Please do not be sucked in to this.

Let’s see what delights the video has to offer us.

Tesler Video:

Okay the video starts by telling you that you can earn $5700 today.  It also says that 22nd of December is the final day.  I am pretty sure that it will change, and that tomorrow it will say the 23rd.  It then shows the Ceo of Tesler Investments Steven Abrahams entering the house of a new member of Testler.  Surprise she even knows who he is, she welcomes him in and they check her brand new account. Wow they have to be paid actors, although the acting is terrible. It seems that Tesler automatically deposits the funds directly to your bank account.  This is of course rubbish, Katie says that she hasn’t touched the software, but the funds are in her bank account.

I have decided after watching the video for all of about 5 minutes that I am not going to watch any more.

Tesler Conclusion:

My advice to anyone considering to start with Tesler to rethink and steer clear.  I am pretty sure that this software will drain your account very fast.  It has signs of being a scam software and because of that I can not recommend it.

Please be very careful when you are looking to get started with a binary options software as there are very few legitimate ones.

If you would like to contact me you can add me on Skype: binary-option-software.  Or you can email me:

If you are looking for a software that does work click here



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