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Plenitude Formula Honest Review

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On 15th November 2016
Last modified:16th November 2016


plentitude formula scamOFFICIAL

Hi I am Nichola from  Today I have been asked to take a look at a new software called Plenitude Formula.  I was asked by Jonas via Skype to take a look at it after he signed up. So let’s see what it has to offer.

Plenitude Formula Site:

The first thing that I notice is the very cheap looking company logo.  To me it looks like zero thought has gone into it at all.  Not a good way to market your company at all.  Moving down the page there is the dominating sales video.  At least so far there aren’t any countdown boxes, for that we should be thankful.  Next there is the sign up box and a few household names scattered so that you trust the software.

plenitude formula scam

That is pretty much everything that is on the site.  So far it’s not looking great but let’s watch the video and see if it gets any better.  I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse.

Plenitude Formula Video:

Okay the video starts by the spokesman introducing himself as George Ackerman.  He is apparently the CEO and creator of Plenitude Formula.  I am a little sceptical and suspect that he is in reality a paid actor.  He says that he wants to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to join his team of beta testers.  This video has started like so many others.  I am sure that at some point he will tell us to put away our credit cards etc.

Oh know the high amounts of money being shown has started.  In about one minute he has shown at least six different balances.  George claims that some people are making $70,000 per day.  What he is trying to do here is sell you a dream. Please do not buy in to it, it is just that a dream and certainly not something that will become reality.plenitude formula scam

George then goes on to say that the video will be removed after 250 views. Who is he trying to kid, that is not going to happen.  He is saying that to make you feel that you will miss out if you don’t act fast.

He goes on to say that you will be a guaranteed millionaire within a few months.  Using what he is about to unveil.

He then shows us some more account balances and that is where I have decided to leave it.


Plenitude Formula Conclusion:

For me the fact that Plenitude Formula is trying to push an ideal on to us is not a good thing.  It screams out scam, what you want is something like Optionbot 3.0 take a look at the site.  It is not pushy nor does it try to sell you a dream.

Anyway I am pretty certain that Plenitude Formula will lose you money rather than make you a millionaire.  If you have thought about signing up please rethink.

If you would like to contact me you can via Skype: binary-option-software.

Or via email:

If you would like to use the software that is currently working for me then click here.

Keep away from Plenitude Formula and also Profits Eternity and Onassis Alliance.  Both of those are also scam softwares.

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