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Onassis Alliance Yet Another Scam Software

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On 7th November 2016
Last modified:7th November 2016


onassis alliance scam review

Hi I am Nichola from Today I am taking a look at a brand new software that has come to my attention.  The name of the software is Onassis Alliance.  I received a spam email urging me to sign up.  So lets see what it has to offer.


Onassis Alliance Site:

Well it’s not got off to the best start.  The first thing that I notice is that there are yachts in the background.  This to me tells me that this is going to set the tone for the whole site.  I fear that the video will be full of stock images and bad acting.

Just above the video you have a heading that states that complete beginners are receiving $625 per hour. Then under the video it says that they are looking for beta testers from Spain (this will change depending on where you are located). That want to earn $625 per hour. It’s all about getting the viewer hooked and wanting to sign up.  Do not be fooled by these claims.

Further down the page there are four boxes each with a stock image in them. The first of these tells you that you will get over $7500 in daily profits. To be honest I seriously doubt that that wil be the case.onassis alliance scam

Whenever you see anything that sounds to good too be true, always be wary as it will usually be a scam. Further down there are four testimonials each is covered with a quote.  Next that is a map of where they have come from.  Well I think that’s what the map i there for. As the map changes but the testimonial is staying the same. Then of course there is the live trades table.  All scam softwares have them and it’s just another warning.

Onassis Alliance Video:

Oh dear I have watched about 20 seconds of the video. In those 20 seconds I have seen fast cars, fancy houses private jets.  All are of course stock images and are just there to sell you a lifestyle.  That Onassis Alliance can not give you.

onassis alliance scam

As you can see from the image above, they say that you will have $7500 in your account by tomorrow guaranteed.  This is rubbish and will not happen.  Like I said before it is all a very clever scam to get you to part with your hard-earned cash.

I do not think that I have seen a video with this many stock images in just a few minutes.  It is absolutely ridiculous in fact I think I am going to stop watching it and just say.  That Onassis Alliance is a scam software.

Onassis Alliance Conclusion:

I really would advise that you do not sign up with Onassis Alliance you will not make the money as promised by them.  In fact I will go as fas as to say that you will in fact lose your money very quickly.  The fact that they are selling you a lifestyle says to me that they are trying too hard.  Take a look at Optionbot 3.0 there you can see they are talking about the software not selling you a dream.  This is how a software should look.  Plain easy to read and understand.

Keep away from Onassis Alliance because it is a scam and you will lose your hard-earned cash.

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