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Omnia App Is This Yet Another Scam

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On 16th March 2017
Last modified:16th March 2017


Hi I’m Nichola from and today I am taking a look at a new software called Omnia App.  I was asked by Jared via Skype to have a look at this as he lost $230 after he used it.

Omnia App Website:

Where should I start on this, it really does not look good.  The first thing that hits you is the promise that you will make $237 per hour just for testing the software.  This is of course a load of rubbish. I hate it when a software promises that you will make a fixed amount per day or hour.  It is usually only there to hook you in and get your interest.

There are a few testimonials of people from around the world that have had great success using Omnia App.  Again I would say that these are fake and are made up.  I dragged one of the images into Google and as you can see below the results were not good.omnia app scamBelow the testimonials there are a few boxes telling you a little about how great the software is.  One of the boxes claims that it offers 97% accuracy.  Again this is fake. There are no software’s that offer an accuracy rate this high, it is there only to gain your confidence and your hard-earned cash.

One thing that does alarm me, is the fact that you need to download the software.  Please do not download this, it could contain a virus.  I did this with a software called Binary Boom, it gave my PC a virus that was very hard to get rid of.

omnia app scam reviewI think it is time to check the video out.

Omnia App Video:

Oh dear this is a very bad start indeed, the first thing that you see is a white Lamborghini driving towards you.  This is not good, yet another ploy to get you excited and thinking of the wonderful lifestyle you could have. A lot of scam softwares have used nice cars in their videos recently, like I say do not be fooled.

It doesn’t take long until we are introduced to Mathew Hammersmith. He is meant to be the creator of Omnia App.  He is in fact a paid actor who has been the main character in a lot of recently released softwares.  Take a look at the picture below so that you can see what I mean.

omnia scam

Mathew Hammersmith is in fact called Patrick Green, he is not the man behind Omnia app he is an actor.  At the moment he is a very busy actor for the scam softwares videos.   Take a look at his profile below.

omnia scam

I have watched less than two minutes of the video and have already seen enough.  The video follows the same pattern as so many other videos.  There is a woman who has just signed up the day before and Mathew goes to visit her.  They check her account live and guess what? Her account has grown into some stupid amount overnight.

This has signs of being a scam software.

Omnia App Conclusion:

I would say that you should steer well clear of Omnia App.  The fact that they want you to download the software rings alarm bells to me.  The fact that they are promising that you will make a set amount of money is also another sign of a scam.  The use of an actor that has been used on other scam softwares again rings alarm bells.

If you would like to contact me add me on Skype: binary-option-software I will get back to you quickly.

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