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Knievel Money Who Thinks This Stuff Up

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On 3rd March 2017
Last modified:3rd March 2017



Knievel Money knievel

Hi today’s review is on Knievel Money a new binary options software.  I have been asked by a few people on Skype to take a look at this software.

Knievel Money Site:knievel money scam

Well I am not sure what to say about this site.  I think that I am honestly lost for words. Apart from the heading telling you that you will make $1227 in just 10 minutes.  The only other thing that stands out is Evel Knievel, it is all over the front page.  I am not sure how or even why Binary options and Evel Knievel have been paired up.  It seems like a very strange pairing.

Apparently you get a 21 day free trial when you sign up.  But I can not see anywhere how much the price will be after the free trial.  There are no countdown boxes or flashing banners which I guess is a plus point.

I am going to move on to the video.  I am pretty sure that we are in for a treat.

Knievel Money Video:

Well the video is not any better than the home page.  There is a man who tells us that Evel Knievel was his childhood hero.  This is where we learn the connection between Binary options and Evel Knievel.

He says that he has learned that in life it pays off to take high risks.  This is the reason that he has named his software Knievel Money.  The software places high risk trades but has some sort of counterbalance feature to stop losses.  Personally it sounds like a lot of rubbish, made up to get people to sign up.

After watching about 10 minutes of the video I still have absolutely no idea of how it works.  I have decided to call it a day with the video and to be honest with this software.

Knievel Money Conclusion:knievel money scam

I am going to advise anyone even thinking about setting up with Knievel Money to rethink.  This is a software that has been made just to take your hard-earned cash.  That is the only purpose of software’s such as this one. Although it lacks the flashing banners and falling dollar bills that we are used to seeing it is still a scam software.

I actually can not think of a reason to link Evel Knievel to Binary Options, it makes no sense to me at all.  It isn’t even like he is having a come back and that is the reason for launching this.

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