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Auto Trading Robot The Worlds First Real Auto Trader

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On 17th March 2017
Last modified:23rd March 2017


Hi this is Nichola from and today I am taking a look at something revolutionary.  I am hoping that it can live up to the hype that is surrounding it.  I am of course talking about Auto Trader Robot the first true auto trader.  This is not like the scammy auto traders that we see being released daily.  That are set up purely to take your hard earned cash.  That are full of sneaky tactics to real you in and make you part with your money.  This is different let me explain why.

What makes Auto Trading Robot Different:

Well the number one thing that makes this software different is the fact that you chose when the software executes a trade.  This puts you 100% in control. The trades are only placed when the strike rate hits the point that you choose.  This is a world first and a game changer.  We all know that auto traders have a very bad name.  They are renowned for being scams that lose your money so quickly but Auto Trading Robot is different.

auto trading robot scam As you can see from the picture it is very simple to use.  Because of the way that it has been designed there is no latency.  This is also something that makes Auto Trading Robot stand out.  Latency in short term trades can cost you money.  Like I said before you are in total control you choose the strike rate that you want and not one that someone else has chosen for you.

Auto trading Robot is perfect for new traders who are looking to gain experience, traders that follow strike rate based signals and also experienced traders.

Auto Trading Robot What It does:

Okay so one of the things that I really like about this software is the fact that you get a replenishable demo balance.  This is a great feature just as we have seen with IQ Options.  It allows you to get comfortable with the software until you are ready to invest.

So you’ve been watching the markets and you’ve noticed that the USD/JPY has some support and resistance going on.  The resistance line is at 1.0190, so you would set the resistance line to that point and execute a Put trade.  The exact same thing would happen but in reverse if you notice a support line.  Once it hits that point you would set a CALL trade.  As you can see this makes Auto Trading Robot the perfect auto trader.


No definitely not, like I mentioned earlier you are in total control of this software.  It places the trades that you want it to place, based on the strike rates given by you.  This is not like anything that Binary Options has seen before.

If you would like to try out the demo then click here.

If you have any questions then either leave a comment in the box below or add me on Skype: binary-option-software






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